Farming is the only enjoyment for Koshalyatai and Komaltai

Hinjewadi village is 17 km away from Osmanabad, here villagers were highly involved in sugarcane cultivation and would practice traditional ways of agriculture. There were a great need to introduce contemporary organic farming practices in this village and mixed cultivation so as to increase income of the villagers. SSP introduced this in the village and also explained that contemporary agricultural practices are a route to holistic development. It is beneficial in improving the soil quality, provides high yield and useful in self reliance and food security.

Women leaders Koshalya Katkare and Komal Katkate initiated organic farming in the village. They formed Krishi Sakhi Mandal of 20 women in the village and Koshalyatai is the President. When they started organic farming, there was a high reluctance from the villages and they would make fun of them, their own family members and their group members were both not convinced with the idea of organic farming.

Komaltai is a real experimental farmer and she first started with vegetable cultivation in one guntha and today she cultivate vegetables in one acre and practices organic farming in 10 acres of her land. Komaltai and Koshalyatai took training from the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and learned about several best practices of organic cultivation and their importance. Here the women farmers learnt about land and soil testing, vermi composting, making fertilisers and pesticides from natural products and scientific methods of organic farming and vegetable cultivation. They also learnt the ill effect of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Koshlyatai is today a supervisor with SSP and trains and monitors 64 Sakhi Mandals in nearby 60 villages with 800 women members. In their village when they started there were only 20 women farmers but today there are more than 50 women farmers in the federation actively participating in organic farming. Koshlyatai feels that nature and humans must live in synergy and a healthy relation with land lasts forever. Koshlyatai cultivates her own 3 Acres and shared crop 3 acres total of 6 Acres of land through organic farming and cultivates various crops like sugarcane, Jowar, red chilli, Mung daal etc. She makes her own fertiliser and pesticides and teaches other women on the preparing for cultivation and cropping. Today she is highly respected amongst the fellow sakhis and also members across the 60 villages where she visits and supervises the activities of SSP. She does not purchase anything from outside for her consumption needs and has gained immensely. She is a motivation for all the sakhis in the village and encourages all women to practice natural farming.


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