Changes in Badayya Tola, Bettiah

Badayya Tola is a remote village in West Champaran district. Different religious communities are living in harmony and working collectively to improve their life situation. The village is close to Nepal border and there is a total neglect from government to reach any development initiatives in this village. They are so poor but have good unity among the groups.

Fakirana Sisters Society (FSS) mobilized the group in SHGs and provided training and exposure visits to the community. Sarjan Khattum, a poor women who took innovative step in harvesting crops. She has taken machine Zero tillage machine on rent and it reduced the work and money and got good income. Usually by doing labour she spent 2000 rs per khatta. She has reduced the expense to 1000 from this cycle. She has got 3000 rs as profit from Wheat using local seed.

Women groups received training from KVK, Madhavpur.

Prabha Devi another women leader is doing Potato and Maize in Makka in 10 khatta land. In the next cycle she is planning to do matter, tomato and brinjal.

“I got opportunity in learning from others, attending meetings and workshops. I also learned new agriculture methods like delayed and mixed cops and early varieties thru trainings.” – Prabha Devi.

Eleven women got 35 kg seed purchased from PUSA Agriculture University. They have diversified the cropping system. Instead of one crop earlier they now do cultivation of 3 to 4 crops in a year. They use Savarna Dhan for flood season and Rajendra Bhagavati for drought season. The introduction of new seeds and varieties yield good result.

‘You do better work and move forward and learn new things” Prabha Devi’s advice to other community.


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