Community Action in Ghospur village

Ghospur is a village where community resilience initiatives started with Gayatri SHG in 2011. Now the group has grown in addressing various issues and achieved a lot in improving the village situation.

Sudha Devi is the leader of the group. She work closely with other members Chandrakala Devi, Girija Devi, Mamata Devi, Shanti Devi, Belenda Devi all belongs to Gayatri SHG. They are doing Jute and maize cultivation in 6 khatta land. All 12 members share their labour and contribute own savings in the agriculture work. They received Community Resilience Fund (CRF) in 2012 and cultivated Maize in 6 khatta land. They invested 8000 from their savings for the cultivation. They got good profit and did vegetables. Got a profit of 15,000 from vegetables and maize cultivation in the last 6 months. This was a big achievement and motivation for the women groups. They have taken the decision in doing agriculture in another 6 khatta land and accessed Banana seeds from Government.

They are now planning to take another 5 khatta of land for doing vegetables like Mirchi, bindi, padwal and wheat, bitter guard and cucumber. Now the community process own local seeds for cultivation.

They have organized exposure visits to KVK in Raghavpore, and Darbhanga to see good practices in agriculture. They are using local seeds, following line sowing, delayed crops and vermin compost. Most of the households are having 4 cows each. All are leaders on their own capacity and visit other villages to share their practices.

“While intervening in agriculture, we also looked other issues” says Sudha Devi.

Community Plan – The problems and issues identified in the mapping was discussed in details and decided to talk to Panchayat to solve the issues related to health, infrastructure and environment. They have prepared a community plan in the SHG meetings and passed in Ward Sabha. This has been submitted to Panchayat after finalization. The plan was not accepted by panchayat as this was the first time women groups’ demand for implementing development plans. After regular meetings and dialogues Panchayat agreed to incorporate the plan in Panchayat plan. 40% of their demand was incorporated in Panchayat plan and submitted to Zilla Parisha. This is a great achievement from the women leadership.

They got Three kilometer new road connecting to main road, new three bridges, Samuday bhavan repaired (This is the only one community centre in Parmanandpur panchayat), New Panchayat bhavan, raised handpumps, and new building for Anganwadi.

Women leaders are actively participating in ward sabha and gram sabha and making sure that their voices   and concerns are heard and influencing in decision making.

“Unity among the members is necessary to do such collective action,” Says Chandrakala Devi, another leader from this village.

On leadership Sudha Devi says “We have reached at medium level, we want to go up and do more good things for the community”

 “When we started attending meetings and training, we learned many things on impact of climate change and health, agriculture etc.” Mamata Devi

“Whatever we learned should pass on to other communities” Sudha devi

So far 150 women from 3 villages learned from Ghospur village on sustainable agriculture practices. 9 women leaders are from this village is able to transfer the best practices thru learning forums and dialogue events.

 “Want to do agriculture in minimum land get more production” Girija Devi


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