Indigenous practice in agriculture

Adivasi Tola in Pratap Ganj is a hamlet where indigenous community from Jharkhand migrated and settled centuries ago keeping the tradition of natural farming a way of life. The village is flood prone and face lot of problems during rainy season. There is no proper road or bridges to connect to nearest hospital and schooling for children.

Finding a way in making the life better, with the facilitation support from SSP, BALSK the local NGO mobilized community in groups, started savings and address the problems in common. They now work closely with panchayat and learn how to access government programme.

The tribal community consists of 120 houses started cultivation in shared cropping system (production and income will be shared with the owner of the land). There is not a single family owns land here. They are mainly cultivating vegetables, Wheat, Pulses and Jute using organic methods. All the members are using bio compost and cow dung for natural farming.

Manju Devi who is ASHA worker taking the lead in empowering the community. Manju Says “If we don’t unite for good things who else are going to help us?” unity and cooperation is important in making our life better.”

The village is flood prone and affect agriculture in every year flood. To overcome this problem they have started early varieties and mixed crop in their land. The group which has nine members doing mixed cultivation in 20 khatta land. Marketing is not a problem for them as neighbouring villages are their market. They mainly cultivate Bindi, green and red leaves, moong and bori).


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