Pashu Sakhi

Renu Devi is a leader in animal care in Di Rampur village in Darbhanga. She love and take care of cows and goats in her village. She treat animals for common illness and prepare medicines locally. Renu Devi got training on animal care from the Goat Trust, Lucknow facilitated by Kanchan Seva Ashram, a close partner of SSP in resilience building. During the training, Renu Devi learned what are the common diseases occur in animals, and how to prepare medicines in traditional way.

She charge only Rs 10 as fees from the people. She think this is her duty to help other community. She attend 300 cases every month and earn Rs 1000 from this practice.

She herself as a farmer who do cultivation of vegetables and pulses in organic method. She got the training and inputs from Kanchan Seva Ashram. “I do my work with love and care. It help other people in saving animals from disease. Animals are necessary for agriculture and livelihood. Without them we can live” says Renu Devi.


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