Leadership skills of Renu Devi

Renu Devi

Renu Devi is an inspirational leader in Chitta village. There are 400 houses belongs to poor dalit community. Bishnoi SHG started in 2009 have taken a journey of resilience since 2012. Finding local solutions for the problem of livelihoods and agriculture women groups taken the lead in doing cultivation of flood resistant varities. They have cultivated Dhanicha, Patwa, Maize and vegetables like Bindi, Parwal, Lassoon and Potato. The collective effort paved the way for taking 1 acre land on lease and invested 7000 rs. They got profit of 15000 from the 1st crop. This has motivated them to do different variety of crops. BALSK has facilitated and provided training on new agriculture practices.

Now they are concentrating on developing kitchen garden in every SHG members. By consuming good food, their health and nutrition of the children are improved. Renu Devi was the leading women in this initiative. “I changed myself after joining the SHG. Earlier it was very difficult to come out. Now we want to fight to get document of the land. We are landless and we want to fight to get the land for agriculture from government.” Renu Devi says. Women leaders are visiting Block offices and panchayat for demanding government programmes. They also fight against corruption involving government officials in distribution of seeds and agriculture tools. They caught the official red handed and forced BDO to take action against him on the malpractices in distributing seed to farmers. This was a small but significant achievement of women leadership.

“We are doing farming for good food and some income. We want to teach other community. Earlier we were covering our face and was not allowed to sit with men in any of the meetings. Now we discuss the issues in common, attend gram sabhas and raise our problem. This is a change happened in this village with women leadership.” Said Renu Devi


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